Townhall 2015

It was a sombre morning.

Following the news of Mr. Lee’s demise, we made a last minute decision to call off the fun and games that usually accompany this day that would have otherwise be termed as annual “Sports Day”. It just wasn’t right to have fun on a day like this.

Rather, it became a rare opportunity for us to spend more quality time together as one big Kith family.

To help us with our team-building activities, we’ve got Bernadette from Dream Catalyst with us. What’s more special, Bernadette, or more affectionately known as ‘B’, is a regular customer of ours. From a customer to now, our partner – this is why we never stop loving what we do (:


B, our bubbly and energetic regular customer turned trainer.

Our day officially begun with a small ice breaking session. Ice breaking amongst ourselves? Well, let’s put it this way. Daily interactions among the 3 outlets can be limited at times. It’s a good way to get us warmed up to one another again. Moreover, it was early in the morning. Some moving around will do us some good.

Pastry chef Juju all psyched up to start the day.

Pastry chef Juju all psyched and ready to start the day.

First activity of the day
Brainstorm + hunt for items that represent the key to Kith’s survival. Some of the answers we must say, are hilarious.

Yes of course, Chef Prabath. No menacing looking knife, no good food.

Yes of course. No menacing looking knife, no wonderful food. Chef Prabath, we take your point. Totes 😀

Second activity of the day
Give ourselves an adjective. And think of one that describes everyone else.

Serious stuff after the light-hearted activities. Sharing session with the boss.

And finally, the emotional moment.
Last activity of the day – a session that B calls the ‘car wash’.

This is a session where everyone takes turn to walk through a ‘car wash’ made up of people standing facing one another in 2 parallel lines. As the person walks down the aisle, each individual in the car wash will let him/her know why he/she is important to him/her. Don’t really get it? We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

In a society where words of appreciation are rare, it’s no surprise that emotions ran high when we were placed in a situation like this. It was tears and hugs galore. Our hairs are still standing as we speak.


Tears, hugs, choking words of appreciation, encouragement. Emotions were high.

As the session comes to an end, it was heartening to see even our more reserved colleagues speak up and show their love to the people they appreciate and care about. We didn’t need games this time round to bond with one another. We expressed ourselves from the bottom of our hearts. And that is what created a bond that is stronger than before.

Love ya, team Kith.


Our mission. To build the biggest and happiest family in the world with good coffee, food and company.


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