6th Birthday Bash

We’ve been toying with this idea for the longest time. As a cafe, we’ve thrown many parties for everyone – our customers, our friends. But a party to call our own? Was never a priority.

This year, for the 6th time, we asked ourselves that question again.
“Hey. Party this year?”

Heck yes. Let’s do it.

So it happened. Friday night, 10th April 2015. The day we finally decided to ditch our aprons in exchange for fun times with our friends and partners over a long table of good food and drinks.

And we are more than glad we pulled this off.

By the end of the party, no one is sane.

No sane person standing by the end of the party.

Preparations prior to the party was insane. Table construction, menu, lighting, entertainment, programming, invites, the list goes on. It even seemed like we were preparing for someone’s wedding at some point 😀

We know we’ve said this countless times but we will say it again. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the tremendous support from our all lovely partners.

To XTRA, Maybev, Orihara, Artisan Cellars, A Juicery, Gryphon Tea, Tinkr, Sceneshang and Monbana, THANK YOU. Heartfelt appreciation. Eyes closed, fist to heart. 

To everyone who came by, we hope you enjoyed the food, the drinks and all the booze 😛 Because of you, we had an awesome, awesome night.

Here are some highlights of the evening. For the full album, head on over to our Facebook page. Enjoy!


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