Humans of Kith

An ongoing collection of little stories from the very people who make Kith, Kith.


「Fifi, Barista, Park Mall」

“You can’t make a career out of F&B lah. That’s what my parents always say. They always want me to work in a government job so basically their mind is like.. very traditional. It’s like if you work in a government job you won’t get fired and everything. So basically when you work in F&B, people think you can’t make a career out of this.

But then again, Kith has given me a lot of opportunities. I see myself going up the ladder of success from here. That’s where I really am determined to prove even to myself, or to my parents, that I can actually do well in F&B.”


「Mabel, Service, Park Mall」

“I want to open a cafe.. but it’s more like a chocolate shop. I from… from Secondary School like that? My 梦想 (dream) is already to open a chocolate shop. Because I like chocolates and I want to have more chocolates. More choices lah. Not like only those royal, dark chocolates.. but something more special.

I make them (chocolates) sometimes at home, but always 失败 (fail). You know, it’s very difficult one. Only can say, but very hard. Must try, must learn.. now where got time to learn? But I really want to try lah. Successful already then let you all eat.”


「Aiman, Assistant Outlet Manager, Sentosa Cove」

“Whenever I’m down in life I’ll try to move on, try to find ways to live with it. Obviously you can’t be down the whole day doing nothing. It’ll be a waste of time.

As for me, I’m actually in the national team for Taekwondo. Once I feel down I can have at least my punching bag to release my anger and everything. Usually I train on Tuesdays, my off day, sometimes in the morning when there’s a slot, or when I can go then I just go.

I went to competitions before, yes, before my major injury. I dislocated my left shoulder and wrist so I’m actually on a break from tournaments until further notice. I missed the SEA games competition this year so hopefully the next 4 years I can participate.”


「Anne, Barista, Sentosa Cove」

“Most misunderstood part of my job.. that it’s easy and chill because it’s not? People are like “aiya you work in a café, you make coffee only what, there’s nothing else for you to worry about”, but when you actually do it, it’s when you really know. 

I mean they look at you inside the bar, it might look like you’re not doing a lot of things but actually you’re doing a lot of things? 

Customers are like chasing you for their drinks, and you gotta decide which drink to do first, juice the fruits, wash the blenders, blend the drinks, and then should I wash the dishes now, and then there’s coffee… And like a lot of people think that it’s something that you just with a snap of your fingers you can do? But it’s really really not lah.”


「Len, Outlet Manager, Park Mall」

“What keeps you motivated at work?”

“I guess my parents? Because I’m the only child. So it’s like you don’t have your left and your right, like everything’s on you in that sense? You get the best of everything at first, but in the later part of your life you actually… It’s a cycle lor. You start taking care of them, so you have to be motivated whether you like it or not. 

Have to spend more time with them also. I try to do that on my off day, which is usually only half a day after I sleep (laugh). I’m guilty of it lah, spending time with my friends and then sometimes you neglect your parents and things like that.. But I try to make it up on their birthdays, Chinese New Year, occasions like these.. Just have to find a way to balance.. Maximise the little bit of time I have with everyone.”


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