Merry Kithmas!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Christmas? Glittery lights, awesome gifts or the sudden surge in happy people chilling out on the streets?

For us, it’s the feast.

Communal Feast 2

Kithmas Communal Dining

As chronically hungry people, there’s no better time to storm the kitchen and pester the chefs to work up a Christmas menu that can satiate both our ravenous appetites, and yours.

Ready to be hungry?

Kithmas Noms #1

Honeycomb Whisky Mocha / Chocolate
(All Outlets)

Whisky Honeycomb Mocha 2

Honeycomb Whisky Mocha

If we were to pick an item that best encapsulates the essence of ‘warm and fuzzy in the tums’, it will have to be the Honeycomb Whisky Mocha. No doubt.

Iced Honeycomb Whisky Mocha 2

Iced Honeycomb Whisky Mocha

Comprising a hearty concoction of house made honeycomb (yes we make them in-house!), fresh cream, cocoa, mocha / chocolate and the oh-so-delightful shot of tums warming Whisky, this is the festive drink to die for.

What we’re missing now, is some snow and a thick fur coat.

Honeycomb Whisky Chocolate

Honeycomb Whisky Chocolate

Till then, we’re happy seeking solace in our new found favourite festive drink.

You have to try it.

Kithmas Noms #2
(Park Mall and Sentosa)

Furikake Crab Cake & Eggs

Furikake Crab Cake & Eggs

You know what they say about messy dishes tasting the best? This is the epitome of that.

The star of the show is the crab meat patty – a substantial centrepiece derived by compacting chunks of real, fresh crab meat together.

Accompanied by roasted tomatoes, crunchy greens, corn quinoa and our favourite crushed avocadoes, this is exactly how everyone should start their Christmas day, everyday.

Furikake Crab Cake & Eggs 3

Egg porn at its best

Our favourite part? Breaking those huge, fluffy soft poached eggs buried under the creamy hollandaise. Watch as the yolk make its way slowly down the crab meat mountain before fusing with the avocados below.

Next, blend everything together into a delectable mess before sliding a spoonful into your mouth. Feels like Christmas already?

Kithmas Noms #3
(Park Mall and Sentosa)

Black Mussels 4

Fresh Black Mussels

Every feast begins with a starter to warm the table and keep tums of early birds satisfied before the rest of the table arrives.

Meet, the Black Mussels. Fresh french mussels drenched in a tangy tomato and white wine broth that is sure to leave your taste buds pleading for more. Garlic toasts and crunchy greens are also included to provide the canvas you need to wash them all down.

All you need to do, is savour them with a few friends over a good conversation or two. And maybe a glass of fine wine too. Cheers!

Kithmas Noms #4
(Park Mall)

Kong Bak Kiam Chye pizza

Kong Bak Kiam Chye Pizza

Hands up if you’re like us – big time fans of popular local favourites, the kong bak (braised pork belly) and kiam chye (salted preserved vegetable).

Imagine the excitement when this pizza, complete with our favourite house made sambal chilli sauce, showed up. The love is instant.

Kong Bak Kiam Chye pizza 3

Along with usual suspects such as mozzarella, scamorza, baby spinach, roma tomatoes and crispy parmesan pieces, this palate pleasing, Instagram-worthy dish is definitely one of those that can evoke a medley of mmms and aahhs across the table.

What’s even better? Put this on the table with a few jugs of beer and a round of happy people. It’s gonna be shiok.

Kithmas Noms #5
(Sentosa Cove)

Beef & Reef

Beef & Reef

Can’t decide if you should go with meat, seafood or stick to your regular salad bowl? We’d say, have them all!

Beef & Reef packs three awesome meals in one exquisite dish, featuring:

  1. Beef tenderloin with red wine and blueberry sauce
  2. Grilled king prawns with garlic, chilli, sundried tomatoes and olives
  3. Roasted potatoes and baby vegetables

Beef & Reef 2

This mini three-course meal is best enjoyed with a glass of chilled indie wine against a picturesque backdrop of the charming marina. Exactly how we’d love to spend our festive holidays.

Kithmas Noms #6

(Robertson Quay)

Kithmas Benny 2

Kithmas Benny

If you’ve been to Kith, you would probably have met Better than Benny, one of our more popular breakfast items in the house.

Well Benny’s in the festive mood right now, dressed up and all in an assortment of turkey ham, grilled tomatoes, mixed greens, poached eggs, hollandaise and sourdough toasts.

Kithmas Benny

Don’t forget to say hi to Kithmas Benny the next time you pop by Robertson Quay!

Kithmas Noms #7

Chestnut Tart
(Park Mall and Sentosa)

Chestnut Tart 2

Chestnut Tart

The last thing we need after a monstrous feast is a dessert that is over the top.

Light and aromatic, the Chestnut Tart silently complements any big meal, leaving your palate nicely refreshed and aptly satisfied.

Chestnut Tart 3

Chestnut Tart: Cross-section

Encased in the buttery tart base is a creamy chestnut core resting on a bed of rich granola crumble, completed by a layer of luscious vanilla cream made to amplify the taste profile of this mild, delightful pastry.

It’s so pleasant we could all have one entire tart to ourselves. It’s that good.


More food, more value, more festive cheer. Exactly how we love to spend our holidays, and what these Kithmas bundles are made for.

Breakfast Bundle (Park Mall & Sentosa)
Furikake Crab Cake & Eggs + Honeycomb Whisky Mocha

Pizza Bundle (Park Mall)
Kong Bak Kiam Chye pizza + Any ala-carte pizza + 2 Ashai half pints

More info on these bundles can be found in our festive menu. Good things happen when many good things come together. So don’t forget to check them out!

Share the Kithmas love

Kithmas Corner

Share the Kithmas love with a Kithmas cookie jar!

Last but not least, what is Christmas without a lovely Christmas gift? Head to our Kithmas Corner at any outlet, grab a cookie jar / packet and brighten someone’s day!

Flavours include our popular Sea Salt Chocolate Cookie (now in bite size!) plus the new and dangerously addictive Furikake Seaweed Crackers. Looks pretty, tastes even prettier. Makes a really great gift, if you ask us. 😀

Communal Feast 3

Kithmas Feast

We hope we’ve made you really hungry by now. Come by soon for your next big Christmas feast? 😉

Merry Kithmas!


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