Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Only a few weeks left to Chinese New Year. Completed your New Year shopping yet? Fret not if you haven’t! Here’s what we’ve got for you to fill your CNY goodies table with. Huat ah!

1. Pineapple Tart


Pineapple ‘tart’, literally.

Nope, we didn’t upload a wrong image for our pineapple tart. We just decided to take the ‘tart’ in pineapple ‘tart’ very seriously, and very literally this year.


Atop the delightfully buttery tart base is a prosperous blend of goji berries, cookie crumble and most importantly, pineapple jam.

Serve this at home or present it as a gift to your relatives/friends and we guarantee they’ll be super impressed.


Impress your relatives and friends with this massive pineapple tart

As we always believed, the bigger the ong lye (pineapple), the bigger the huat (prosperity). So why settle for little pineapple balls when you can have a massive one?

This mother of a pineapple tart is available in limited quantities at all outlets. Good things don’t wait so hurry and get yours now!

2. Bak Kwa Parmesan Crackers


These insanely addictive crackers were a hit last year and boy are we glad they’re upon us once again.

Smoky bak kwa bits combined with savoury parmesan on a light, buttery cracker base. Need we say more? A word of warning though, these are really, really, unstoppable.



3. Furikake Cashews with Goji Berries and Figs


Cashews – they seem to be a pretty popular item with mummies and aunties, a hard to miss mainstay item on most CNY goodies table.

We’ve decided to give these ubiquitous cashews a little makeover, and coated them with luxurious layers of Japanese furikake – a mouthwatering mix of roasted sesame and seaweed that never fails to lend a savoury punch to any food they land themselves on.

Result? A sweet-savoury blend of dangerously addictive nuts that we can’t stop getting our hands on.


To make the mix a little more interesting, we’ve thrown in goji berries and dried figs as well. With the different shades of red in a jar, this has got to be one of the most Chinese New Year looking product we’ve had in a while.

4. Sea Salt Chocolate Cookies

Sea Salt Chocolate 3

Not so Chinese New Year-y but hey, there’s never an occasion where the Sea Salt Chocolate Cookies don’t belong. With their intense, irresistible dark chocolatey goodness, they may deplete faster than you can say ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai‘.  Beware.

Sea Salt Chocolate 2

So there you have it! All these CNY goodies are available at all Kith outlets. Satisfaction (and addiction) guaranteed.

P1110067 copy

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Lunar New Year everyone. Huat huat hooray!




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