Valentine’s at Kith

You know what they say – the way to someone’s heart is usually through their tummies. We can’t be more agreeable on that. Good news is, we’re right here to help you cover that aspect 😀

Here’s what we’ve got for you (and your date):

1) Medley in Love

Mushroom Medley

Oven-baked portobello mushrooms stuffed with mixed mushrooms and scamorza cheese + sauteed spinach, poached eggs and roasted sesame seaweed crumble drizzled with creamy porcini mushroom sauce.

This glorious medley of mushrooms is so good it’s bound to create fireworks on your tastebuds. Mm mmm.


2) My Pastapiece

Pasta 1

Handmade (lovingly by our dedicated chefs) spinach and saffron tagliolini tossed with garlic, chilli, cherry tomatoes, kaffir lime and pine nuts topped with tasty smoked salmon + avocado egg rolls.

This colourful pastapiece is not only really delish, it looks really good as well. Definitely a great backdrop to any lovey dovey selfies. Say pasta!


3) Pizza My Heart
(only available in Park Mall)


One for you, one for me. Things taste better when shared sometimes, don’t they? If the art of sharing is right up your alley, we’ve got the perfect dish for you.

Crispy pizza base topped with mozzarella, tomatoes, BBQ chilli ham hock, crispy parma ham, pineapples, wild rockets and beet root harts. This is bound to make both your date and your tummies really satisfied.

Pizza our hearts, anyone?


4) Cupid’s Bow
(only available in Park Mall)

Choc Cake

Every meal ends on a sweet note and it’s no exception on Valentine’s Day. Cue, the flourless chocolate layered cake.

Light yet power packed with a solid chocolatey punch, this lovely dessert provides just the right amount of sweetness to keep you aptly satisfied. It’s gonna be the best end to any meal.


Overall 2

And there you have it! Our Valentine’s Day specials created specially for the occasion. These dishes are only available in both Park Mall and Sentosa Cove on 14 Feb. Hurry make your reservations if you haven’t!

Happy Valentine’s! 🙂


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